Thursday, 26 May 2011

Starting the Racetrack

I've done extensive research for my racetrack project and started some concept paintings and 3D models to try out some styles. I'm thinking of designing the track based on 'Cuc Phuong' national park in Vietnam, it really is beautiful. A focus on natural elements and reflections should make it interesting.

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3D Work:

I think the cel shaded style is something I would like to replicate around the entire track. It is similar to the style of Okami, like an ancient oriental ink painting. I've never attempted anything stylised like this before so this should be a good challenge.

This archway is designed as an entrance to a lake area where the track will be covered by a thin layer of water. Surrounding this area will be traditional fishing boats and rock structures. As the track requires two levels of elevation, I plan to have one half up in the hills surrounded by villages, and the other half near to the water.

45 Minute Paints:

These are awful, I wasn't even going to upload them...

I also went on a trip to the British Museum and the Natural History museum. I've got some pencil sketches from the museums which I'll upload next week when I get hold of a scanner. I think it's safe to say I will be designing my final major project around the Mesozoic era - dinosaurs were incredible and I've collected plenty of reference. It's visits like that which I find really inspirational, maybe becoming a creature artist would be more down my street than a character artist. Making that lizard last week was some of the most fun I've had in 3D.

This week I'd like to make some foliage and traditional Vietnamese plants whilst sticking to the painterly style of the archway. Thick black outlines are cool. Also, instead of doing my 45 minute speed paints, I'm going to concentrate on digital life drawings and drawing friends from life. Thanks for reading please leave some crits!

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