Thursday, 22 September 2016

Big Art Dump

I've been terrible at updating this!

Here's some work from released games I've been working on, first, The Division, where I made all assets for the church exteriors in game as well as some interior layouts (offices, apartments) and level dressing too. I also worked on the control room of Grand Central and parts of the UN mission.

Then, as a total contrast, I moved departments to the small team upstairs to work on BUD's new adventure, Grow Up! I made all the plants, creatures, five of BUD's suits and his new satellite sidekick, POD! My article was posted on Playstation's blog here. It was great to work on a non-violent game - I hope it'll be the first of many! Screenshots are from the Steam community, great to see people enjoying the game.

Then there's some 2D stuff to finish. Thanks for taking a look. Please leave any feedback in the comments section :)