Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saris, Minerva and Indian Ink

Just a few things this week, been trying (and failing) to sort out paperwork for India. Sari studies above - this took about 3 hours.

Below are my 3D efforts from the past two weeks - practising for my first project of the third year at university - The brief is to replicate an artistic 3D sculpture, so I chose 'Minerva' from London's British museum.

Here's a photograph of the original - Looking back on it, I see the nose of the sculpture is slightly more pointed. I need to find a better renderer and work further on texturing before I hit the real thing.

Got back in touch with a scanner after all these months, much more where these came from - I'm trying to fill an A5 sketchbook in two weeks!

Last week's lack of work was because I was wasting my time making a costume for Eurogamer and my leaving party. Learned new skills in the process, like how to dye faux leather with indian ink, how to make garments to fit and how to work with different types of materials. Not sure if this is related to game art but I had a lot of fun :D
It's game art in a different sense of the word. Don't think I want to go into costume making, but I got loads of free stuff and met cool new people!

Hopefully, HOPEFULLY off to India next week. My Visa came through but Ubisoft admin say it's the wrong type... Maybe next week I'll be stuck in immigration. We'll see.