Saturday, 7 May 2011

It begins...

This blog is designed to be my personal motivator. I have a very long summer break from university, beginning now and ending in October, so I need to schedule my time properly to get the best results. I've written out a weekly planner and I'll try my best to stick to it - I'll be uploading my weekly progress every Thursday if everything goes to plan.

I recently had an interview with Rare games in Birmingham for an internship. Their studio is fantastic and I was really happy to be invited for interview, but unfortunately I was not offered the position, mainly due to lack of knowledge in their preferred program Autodesk Maya, but also because my 3D work is not yet up to standard. This summer I hope to learn Maya, improve my knowledge of materials, rigging and Zbrush, but also keep up my practice of 2D art. This is currently my strongest area, but still needs a lot of improvement.

I'll begin by posting up some of what I believe to be the best 2D and 3D work I produced this year so I have something to look back at and compare to.

Life drawing in chalk pastels, 45 minutes

Tribal home in Egypt Photoshop painting, 5 hours

Fruit observations in pencil, 1 hour 30 minutes each.

Low poly Chinese Opera singer, 7 days

Labyrinth Worm, 5 days

Low poly head, 7 days

This week I plan to model and texture one of James Gurney's 'Dinotopia' concepts for a statue using 3DS Max and Zbrush. I'm going to try to adhere to a three day time limit to practice sticking to tight deadlines. I'll write a conclusion after completing the asset to analyse what I need to learn to a higher standard.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy following my progress :)

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  1. Hi Laura, are you able to make the Labyrinth worm 3d model available at all? If you still have it off course! My skills of 3d modelling aren't up to much but I'm trying to make an animatronic version using my 3d printer. Many thanks in advance.