Thursday, 8 September 2011

Male Head, Tree, and More Practice

This head was the center of my attention for about 3 days - I was working on eyelashes when I hit my weekly deadline. On to the next one! Now I understand the process of baking normals from zbrush slightly better the process should be faster. I'd like to get the next one done to a presentable standard within 2 days.

This tree took about 2 days. I spent a long time trying to make the alphas work. Still need to watch more tutorials about this! Below is an edited version after crits from a very helpful coursemate :) I know it's still not great, and still looks like a 'fern tree', but at least I learnt a lot about alpha placement, and the next one will be better.

Bit more Zbrush practice, seeing how low poly I can go and still get general body shape. Making a new one this week because this one isn't too great and I need to work on the legs, maybe I'll make a man now. This was more about learning how to put the character in a natural pose.

For next week:
Model another game ready head (sculpture style marble, 'Minerva?')
Model another (male) low polygon character mesh.
Start on a Allosaurus model using Zbrush and Max (3 week time limit on this)
Another environment paint,
Painting from life