Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lizard and Sketches

This week I tried out some new styles and colours for my head a day challenge. I need to paint two extra before next Thursday to make up for my laziness this week! Here they all are in chronological order:

Not so happy with the middle two, but I think the colours in the last one are quite effective. I find older faces easier as the facial lines act as guides and landmarks. The smoothness of young, female faces is something I need to work on as they are less angular and more challenging.

I sketched some of my friends in 20 minute portrait sessions:

I went to the motorbike race at Mallory Park for inspiration for this week's 3D project. Tried to sketch the bikes but they were too fast so just ended up drawing my friends again and myself in the mirror.

My 3D project of the week was my lovely lizard, weighing in at 2,000 triangles, with a 1024 specular, normal and diffuse.

Here he is rigged using 3DS Max CAT (which is awesome fun).

The feet still need some work, just getting to grips with this rigging system. However, I'm very happy with my texturing and unwrapping this week, all the scales have been painstakingly lined up, and I can't see any visible seams. I've learned a lot from this weekly project but I think I need to concentrate on becoming more efficient which just entails a higher quantity of work. By using an iterative process I should be able to iron out my flaws.

This week I plan to make a start on the professional brief for Lee Piper. I'm planning to work on some vehicle concepts, low poly foliage and assets for a racetrack. I'd like to work collaboratively with some friends so I'll see who I can get interested. Thanks again for reading and please leave crits! :)


  1. Really good to see you seriously committing to getting work down over the summer.

    Are you doing the paintings from photographs? I'd really like to see some of your pencil sketches worked up into a painting at some point. Try sketching one person repeatedly then working up a painting.

    The lizard and low poly humans are coming on well too.

  2. Thanks Mike! The paintings are from photographs, I was just trying to get more efficient in Photoshop. I'm not painting over them though, I set them up in a seperate window and paint from observation. I'll do more pencil sketches and follow your advice this week :)