Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Graveyard Shifts

Night shifts and monotonous work in a factory have been taking over my life recently, so regretably game art has been pushed to the sidelines for a while. Hopefully by next week I'll be back into it, I miss it so much!

As I've been working the graveyard shifts, I've been making disembodied parts of people for practice. I made this eyeball in about 4 hours. I think they can be the most important part of a character model and I'd like to avoid that horrible dead eyes look that most of my characters so far have had. I spent a lot longer than usual trying to understand the anatomy and specularity.

The cornea, iris and pupil have been given seperate materials to correspond to how they react to light. This model comes to 304 triangles, but a lower polygon equivalent shouldn't be too hard to make. The colours of the pupil are easily interchangable, and the texture map for the eye white has tiny veins painted on too.

I'll use similar eyes in my character I'm starting this week.

Now on to my hand project. They're bloody hard to understand! Here's the final result:

And here's some progress shots. I attempted to model the hand in a more relaxed position so it animates easily. The thumb actually takes up about a third of the palm so I tried to take this into account.

2D these two weeks has involved making the most of the new laptop, now I can actually do life drawing wherever I like.

I find it difficult to draw people when they keep moving! I need to keep these up until I understand how to use the swatches and colours well in photoshop. Its good practice and I really enjoy it, should help me understand proportions, colour and light.

Next Week:
Continue with the life drawings, at least two by next Thursday.
Finish rigging and rendering super low poly ostrich.
Start modelling another head in Zbrush, if it looks bad do another from scratch.
Model Ganondorf's horse (Legend of Zelda) using the horse I've already made as a base.


  1. Some really good stuff here Lauri, I especially like the 3D stuff you've done this week.

    I was wondering what kind of maps you've got on the eyes you've done? They're really well done.

  2. I think your hand needs relooking at. Check the thumb articulation, it looks like you have it coming out of the side of the hand rather than from underneath. Get your hand, relax it and see how the thumb joint is directly below the first finger.