Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sketches, Tree Frog and the Horse

Here's the result of my one day project, the tree frog. I don't know how well this would animate and suspect I would need more edge loops around the back legs, but I can't find a suitable rig to test it. I'm quite happy with this but it's slightly too high poly for what I was aiming for. Next week I'm going to attempt some very low polygon modeling.

Some sketches in pencil of various bits of my person! These two took 30 minutes each. I hope to model a hand using Max and Zbrush so I hope similar sketches this week will help directly inform my 3D work.

Now for some sketches of friends, these took 20 minutes each.

And the final image is made up of 2 minute sketches using a fineliner.

Quick 30 minute speed paint from life

For 3D this week, I textured the horse using my normal map as reference.

And then I rigged it using CAT in 3DS Max. I still can't get those feet right, they were a nightmare to rig. I need to work further on rigging and watch more tutorials as there are a lot of problems with stretching and popping:

Okay so for next week,

1. Model and unwrap, perhaps texture a human hand.
2. Continue with sketches
3. Photoshop Painting
4. Work 9-5 Monday to Friday... don't expect a submission in time for Thursday next week, maybe around Sunday!

Thanks for reading as always, criticism is greatly appreciated :)

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