Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tree, Zbrush and Photoshop

This is an attempt at making a low poly tree for my racetrack. I looked at many images and real examples to try and understand how the leaves attach on to the branches.

Wireframe (full screen) ^

Here is how it looks in engine, still needs some work with shaders and lighting to get it looking right. I also modeled a cute version of a Vietnamese lion statue for the level.

I made this head in Zbrush 4.0 - trying to understand facial features in three dimensions is pretty tough. Also trying to learn how to make efficient topology without excessive loops. I got stuck at this point in the retopologising process:

I think I'm going to start from scratch on this one, I've learned a lot in the process and think my second attempt will be more successful. Before now I've only used Zbrush 3.0 for my Dinotopia statue - modeling a human head is much more difficultso I need the practice.

This week's photoshop paint - an Asian mum trying to control all her lovely girls! Inspired by someone I saw in the street with two children on leads. This still needs some work on the hands and faces. Here's my progress:

Next week I'm planning on creating a current generation model of the M41A pulse rifle from 'Aliens', it's one of my favourite movies and I'd like a weapon in my portfolio. I might also try to make Ripley at some point, because she's awesome!

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  1. woah - make Ripley hell yes! the best female character in movie, ever!