Thursday, 23 June 2011

Off to India!

I've got an internship with Ubisoft! I'll be leaving around October time and really can't wait. Seems like a pretty good start for my first job in the games industry :D

My lack of work this week is because I've been working way too many shifts at the hospital and sorting out my online portfolio and paperwork for the internship application. My portfolio can be found here .

I did manage to finish my Alien M61A Pulse Rifle though, and it took longer than expected. I spent a long time studying reference and trying to figure out how the thing would work, while sticking to the lowest possible triangle count. Please let me know what you think.

And here's my progress:

Started by setting up a reference and blocking out basic shapes using extrude and shell modifier.

I then began refining the shapes with chamfer and adding detail like screws and pins before moving on to unwrapping and texturing.

Next Week's Action Plan:
1. Start modelling Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, possibly the coolest female character ever invented. The main issue with this is going to be getting her face right - everyone knows what Sigourney looks like and it's going to be tough to replicate her well. I think a week spent just on her face will be a good start and I can come back to it over the next few weeks.

2. Get on with some pencil sketches and photoshop paintings! I'd like to do some preliminary sketches of Ms Weaver just to understand her facial structure before I jump straight in to the evil 3DS Max and Zbrush. I also want to do some studies of how different lighting conditions affect faces.

3. Make some sort of creature and rig it again. Rigging creatures is great fun, and I have no shifts next week so I have no excuses. I might make a super low poly horse, and next week make a higher poly version with normals.

4. Sort out flights and health insurance for India, alongside trying to find someone to buy my room in Leicester for a year... wish me luck!

Thanks for reading as always! Please leave criticism :)

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