Friday, 12 October 2012

Robot, Impa and Nabooru

 WIP of a Zelda character - Impa. Can't wait to get started on those feet.

Still working on texturing and a little bit of mesh proportions. The portfolio website is taking up most of my time, but I'm hoping both should be done by next week.

Character concept of a steampunk style robot - her name is inspired by my sister! Right is my workflow process, I start with simple black silhouettes and work my way up.

This is a digital painting based on one of my favourite cutscenes in Zelda, Ocarina of Time - when Nabooru is revealed from inside the Iron Knuckle armour. Lots of Zelda fanart recently, but it's really keeping me motivated with personal work!

Thanks for reading, please leave crits :)


  1. Great picture. It really does Nabooru and this climactic scene justice. On a more personal note, I recently completed a music video for Nabooru that I wanted to post on Youtube that features your picture of her. I wanted to make sure that I had your permission to feature it, so I would greatly appreciate it if you did. If you like, I could also find a way of sending the video to you for you to watch/screen. Please reply/contact me at your earliest convenience, as I have other artists to hopefully receive permission from as well.

    1. No problem please go ahead and use it however you like. Thanks for asking - I hope the video goes well : )