Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

 Christmas present for my family, enjoyed recreating the old comic book style from the Incredibles

Scorpion Boss - created in my spare time as a Ubi leaving present. Hopefully they make good use of it in the game I've been working on! Can't say what it is. Final image is rendered in engine, the runes are animated with an emissive offset - it looks cool!

 Level art for Ubisoft - can't say what!

This is what I've started on this holiday - A current gen Cobra AH-1. I'm using it as practice for a job I really want. I've never attempted anything so realistic or hard-surface, but I'm really enjoying it. Trying to model a working rotor blade with all the parts from limited reference isn't so easy. Fingers crossed!

Implement in Cry Engine 3 with rotor blade animation, and appropriate shaders.
Finish everything by Wednesday.

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  1. I liked the Scorpion Boss, especially the tail..!! I don't know how you manage to model with such small poly count, something I always tries but fails. I guess that's something special about being a Game Designer...Keep going..!!