Thursday, 8 September 2011

Male Head, Tree, and More Practice

This head was the center of my attention for about 3 days - I was working on eyelashes when I hit my weekly deadline. On to the next one! Now I understand the process of baking normals from zbrush slightly better the process should be faster. I'd like to get the next one done to a presentable standard within 2 days.

This tree took about 2 days. I spent a long time trying to make the alphas work. Still need to watch more tutorials about this! Below is an edited version after crits from a very helpful coursemate :) I know it's still not great, and still looks like a 'fern tree', but at least I learnt a lot about alpha placement, and the next one will be better.

Bit more Zbrush practice, seeing how low poly I can go and still get general body shape. Making a new one this week because this one isn't too great and I need to work on the legs, maybe I'll make a man now. This was more about learning how to put the character in a natural pose.

For next week:
Model another game ready head (sculpture style marble, 'Minerva?')
Model another (male) low polygon character mesh.
Start on a Allosaurus model using Zbrush and Max (3 week time limit on this)
Another environment paint,
Painting from life


  1. First time I ever see a fern tree Laura ;P The leaves don't fit at all. You started out with the textures great but the execution needs more variation. At the moment the leaves are very very repetetive. The idea is to create a texture sheet from which you could create endless variations. I will be posting soon a breakdown of the tree I've made for my environment so I'll show you what I mean about that. The tree model is good :)

    Your wireframe for your head model should be presented differently. If you have sculpted it you should do a black wireframe on your lowpoly with normals and AO applied. This will look much better and clean rather than having textures applied and a gradiented wireframe. Definate improvement but needs more push :)

  2. Hey Bart, thanks again for a very helpful critique! I'm looking forward to seeing the breakdown of your tree, the environment you're working on really is fantastic.

    I made a couple of edits to the 'fern' tree haha, I know it still looks like one, but at least less like it did before. The tree I was referencing actually does have yellow leaves which are similar to ferns, but now I know I should have taken my own alpha reference instead of using the internet...

    The next head I render will be as you suggested, thanks again :)

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  4. Hey Laura! nice stuff u got here and good to see uve been working over summer:)with a good mix of 2d and 3d also good job on the internship:) keep it up:)! p.s i deleted my last post cause i accidentally sort of....kinda like... misspelled your name.....:/my bad